Viking Demolition and Specialty Services offers a wide variety of services in the demolition field, general labor field, and specialty cleaning/maintenance.

Interior/Structural Demolition
Shoring/Structural Demolition
Scanning, Saw Cutting & Removals
Poly Dust Barriers & Weatherproofing
Mechanical Demolition
General labor

Interior demolition Bid Packages

Whether a Prime Bid/Bonded Project or if we team up with one of our Carpenter Partners in town, we provide full and complete demolition scope bids to include: Shoring, Saw-cutting, Selective Demolition complete. If you want to be a partner please reach out and know we will provide complete demolition scope coverage.

Shoring and Structural Demolition

Many of our projects involve highly technical shoring and demolition to include saw cutting and temp protections. We have these plans engineered and designed for us to install as needed. 

Scanning, Saw-Cutting & Removals

Almost all our major projects have Concrete slab and wall sawing in the scope. We have the floors and walls scanned as needed prior to cutting and removals.  We also provide saw-cutting and demolition of masonry or concrete walls, shoring as needed.

weatherproofing exterior

Poly Dust Barriers & Weatherproofing

We install poly dust barriers and utilize dust control engineering methods for all of our projects. This is also a service we can provide for you on your projects. Weatherproofing is also a necessity after demolition of exterior wall structures. We can provide this service as well if you need on a project.

Mechanical Demolition

We provide M/E/P demolition services on various types of jobsites.  If you need this type of demolition work on your jobsites, give us a call. 

MEP demolition

General labor

We have positive can-do attitudes and enjoy coming to work every day. Our work ethic compiled with fair and aggressive general labor pricing leads clients and companies to continually reach out to us when needed on their job sites.

Contact Us

Please feel free to send us any bid opportunity. If you are looking for help with setting pre-bid budgets or best value numbers, send those as well. We recognize that our clients need our input, even in times before jobs are out for bid.

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